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Restoring Balance to your Mind, Body & Spirit


Restore Balance to the Mind, Body & Spirit

Restoring balance brings us back to who we want to be. It helps us remember who we are and what we love about feeling alive.  It gives us the opportunity to make space for ourselves and become “present” in our own lives.  It puts us in a place to make wiser choices about how we give and how we receive, to ourselves and others, during this journey called life. 

Maintaining balance is the challenge because when we lose that ability, the mind, body and spirit are almost always affected in one way or another.Sometimes you just have to PAUSE and make time for you to prevent feeling overwhelmed.  When you PAUSE FOR YOU and fill up that space with actions that make you feel nurtured and cared for, you can stay on your chosen path with increased ease and tranquility.

As women, who are oftentimes caregivers, we pause for everyone but ourselves.  Our life force and energy become depleted. Now is the perfect time to PAUSE and restore balance to your mind, body and spirit with nurturing massage and bodywork from Davida Cohen.  Trained in a variety of modalities, Davida has been a licensed massage therapist for over 22 years and focuses on Pain Relief, Stress Reduction and Mind-Body Awareness.  PAUSE FOR YOU and Rejuvenate, Revitalize and Restore.

Davida primarily works with women and seniors of all ages and stages of life. She works with you to understand what you want from your session and does her best to provide it. You will feel listened to and cared for and know that someone is looking out for your best interest.  

Below are just some of her areas of focus:

  • People under severe stress
  • People who suffer from headachesneck pain, and/or back pain 
  • People who suffer from certain pain related conditions such as sciatica or fibromyalgia
  • Seniors in assisted living, memory care facilities, nursing homes, hospice or receiving home care
  • Caregivers who need a little caretaking themselves for all their hard work, and who often deal with major physical stress and emotional strain
  • People who are struggling with grief, loss or PTSD

Customized Massage & Bodywork for Women including:

Neuromuscular Therapy Swedish Massage Holistic Massage Compassionate Touch®

Energy Work Reflexology Grief Massage

Stress Reduction  Pain Management  Body Awareness