Pause for You, LLC
Restore the Calm


Massage Therapy & Bodywork Rates


Pause for You and Restore the Calm with each session being customized to meet your personal goals.


90 minute massage … $120 

 60 minute massage …   $85  

   30 minute massage …   $50    

(Rates apply to office location only)


Compassionate Touch® Work for Seniors & Hospice Patients

60 minute massage …   $110*


Treatment time may be reduced if time is needed to attend to personal needs during session or if a full hour is not recommended due to the emotional, mental or physical state of the client.       

Compassionate Touch® Sessions can be scheduled for an individual in your home or facility.  Payment must be organized before date of scheduled session.   


*There is a fee for transport time.  This fee will vary depending on the location. 

See my cancellation policy.


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