Roswell Massage and Reflexology LLC
Restoring Balance to your Mind, Body & Spirit

My Philosophy

I am honored to serve so many different people through my touch work.  Each person who lies on my table, and puts their trust in me, has been my teacher.  

As we age (the inevitable process that begins at birth), we collect stories and memories throughout our lives.  Each body holds that physical and emotional history that releases and relaxes as their bodies let go during a massage or bodywork session. That collection of information is not only stored in the brain but in the cells, the tissues, and the muscles of the body.  Letting go of what no longer serves us, and holding on to that which benefits us or protects us is the ultimate goal; though it is not always easily attainable.  Sometimes it just takes time, trust, space and being patient and compassionate with yourselves.  By working with Davida, you will begin  to be more present for ultimately the most important person in your life - yourself.  Only then can you be there fully for the ones you care about!

Touch provides human connection and helps us acknowledge our continued self-worth.  It helps us remember that we matter!