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Client Testimonials

"My healing has been exponentially greater since beginning neuromuscular massage therapy with Davida. After months of working through some nerve issues on my own, Davida has brought more than relief; she has helped my entire body heal. The repercussions of any isolated area of damage in the body are dealt with by your entire body, and she taught me that; showed me how it works and made the healing happen for me. I’m further educated, further healed and quite amazed every time I visit with her.”  - Deirdre S.

Testimonials for Work with Seniors

“It has been a treat for our Cohen Home residents to have Davida visit us once a month for her marvelous mini-massages.  Some residents live with daily anxiety.  For those residents, a few minutes with Davida brings great relief.  Davida is gentle and loving with everyone.” - Connie D., Activity Director at the Cohen Home    

“Massage is a gift at this age.  We don’t need for things.”  -  Cohen Home Resident, Alpharetta  

“At this age, it feels good to be touched.” - Somerby of Alpharetta Resident  

“You make me feel young again – like sweet 16 and I am 95.” - Cohen Home Resident, Alpharetta  

“I can’t believe I waited 85 years for my first massage. It was like a little bit of heaven” - Cohen Home Resident, Alpharetta 

“You definitely have a healing presence and I remain so grateful to you for the help you gave me” - Cohen Home Resident, Alpharetta  

“I can’t believe how much relief massage has brought my Dad.  He hasn’t complained about his neck in weeks.” - Daughter of Resident in Hospice Care at the Providence House, Alpharetta  

“She helps me know what it feels like not to hurt.” - Somerby of Alpharetta Resident