Pause for You, LLC
Restore the Calm

Benefits of Pausing for You

Benefits of Points of You® Coaching and Facilitation and/or Massage and Bodywork:

It can help us reduce a sense of being overwhelmed

It can help us reduce anxiety & depression

It can help us feel proactive and empowered

It can help time slow down for those that feel they are going a mile a minute

It can often help with aches and pains

Depending on how you use the Pause, it can help with sleep and restfulness

It can help with burn-out

It can help us be less reactive and impatient, and more in control of how we respond

It can help us with energy and concentration

Points of You® and/or Massage & Bodywork can be done separately or you can choose to create a Personal Retreat and do them together to Restore the Calm and soothe the body, mind and spirit. 








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